He's SO unusual

Hello, dearies! We are all a twitter! This month The Living Record Collectioncelebrates the 1930s pansy: That seemingly delicate flower of a well-coifed gentleman who could cut one down to size with just a quick flick of his limp wrist. Join us for a stroll through the sparkling underbelly of Prohibition-era New York in this symphonic salute to the sissy  with the help of the incomparable Miss Cyndi Lauper and her debut album She's So Unusual.

Directed by Max Reuben
Dramaturgy by Taylor Adamson
Arrangements by Ben Langhorst
Featuring Ben Langhorst, Chris Nattrass, Ben Arons and Rob Mosher

Costume design by One-Half Nelson 


Photography by Daniel Albanese.



Videography by Candace Thompson.