Pack your pajamas, grab your favorite pillow, and get ready to sneak into the liquor cabinet! Salty Brine invites you to join him for the sleepover of the century at this month's The Living Record Collection. He and his four, new-found college friends take on all the wailing heartbreak of Adele's confessional ode to the lovesick and lonely. It's late-night pillow fights and a cappella magic as we remember the first time you fell in and out of love.

Created and Performed by Salty Brine, Andrew Bridges, Stephen Mark, Dara Orland and Tatiana Wechsler  
Directed by Preston Martin
Dramaturgy by Taylor Adamson

Lighting Design by Chris Thielking
Sound Design by Isaac Jones
Costume Design by One-Half Nelson


Photograpy by Daniel Albanese.



Videography by Scott Fetterman.